Inviting all our customers to Guatemala 


Want to source your coffee directly? Meet the farmers themselves? Want to experiment with processing methods?

We are happy to invite all our customers to Guatemala during the 2017 harvest. What better reason to escape the winter than to spend a week in the land of eternal spring, selecting your next micro-lots and single origin coffees.

As well as a picturesque experience to share with your clients we want you to connect with the people who grow the beans and are at the centre of the Third Wave movement. The trip will include excursions to several farms, both large and small, in different coffee growing regions; even an opportunity for an afternoons coffee cherry picking. Farm Managers will demonstrate coffee processing techniques and coffee specialists from ANACAFE (Guatemala’s National Coffee Association) will deliver technical talks on relevant issues.

  Cupping 2     Grain Pro Bags     Size sorter    photo (3)

A visit to our Dry Mill just outside Guatemala City will exhibit our de-hauling,sorting and packaging facilities. We will see how the sacks are marked and can arrange for your logo to be printed on them (only applicable for 25+ bags). Most importantly we will have many cupping sessions to help you choose the best micro-lots for your roaster.  After a hard week we will finish with a weekend of relaxation at Lake Atitlan and Antigua.

If you are already planning a trip to Central America, please get in touch as we are happy to host you in Guatemala.