New Oriente


Rainy and cloudy, the New Oriente region is located on a former volcanic range and has soil made of metamorphic rock with a balance of minerals quite different from soils in active volcanic ranges. Beans produced here are balanced and full-bodied with a chocolaty flavor you’ll love in any of our coffees.

  • Region: New Oriente
  • Cup Characteristics: Aromatic with hints of chocolate. Well balanced and pleasant. Full body chocolaty taste
  • Altitude: 4,300-5,000 ft 1,300-1,700 mts
  • Soil: Metamorphic and Clay
  • Major Microclimate Influence: Atlantic Ocean
  • Annual Rainfall: 72-80 inches (1,800-2,000mm)
  • Ave. Temp: 68-77 Degrees F (18-25 Degrees C)
  • Low/How Humidity: 70-80% Drying Process: Sun Dryed on Patios and Dryer
  • Type of Share: Inga
  • Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pache
  • Harvest Season: December/March