Highland Huehuetenango

Thanks to dry, hot winds that blow from Mexico’s Tehuantepec plain, the Highland Huehue region is protected from frost, which allows for cultivation at extreme altitudes of beans with a fine intense acidity, full body and delightful wine notes present in each of our coffees.

  • Region: Highland Huehue
  • Cup Characteristics: Very aromatic with wine notes. Pronounced, fine acidity with a pleasant wine note tendency. Clean and full body.
  • Altitude: 5,000-5,600 ft (1,500-1,700 mts)
  • Soil: Limestone
  • Major Microclimate Influence: Tehuantepec plain
  • Annual Rainfall: 48-56 inches (1,200-1,400mm)
  • Ave. Temp: 68-75 Degreese F (18-24 Degreese C)
  • Humidity: 70-80%
  • Drying Process: Sun Dried on patios and dryer
  • Type of Share: Inga
  • Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
  • Harvest Season: January/April