Fraijanes Plateau


With a bright lingering acidity and aromatic body, coffee grown in the Fraijanes Plateau has the benefit of volcanic pumice soil, high altitudes, ample rain, and variable humidity to help give it a distinct and refreshing taste noticeable in all of our coffees.

  • Region: Friajanes Plateau
  • Cup Characteristics: Very aromatic. Crisp and a presistant pleasant acidity. Stong and intens.
  • Altitude: 4,500-6000ft (1,400-1,800mts)
  • Soil: Volcanic with pumice
  • Major Microclimate Influence: Highland Plain
  • Annual Rainfall: 60-120 inches (1,500-3,000mm)
  • Ave. Temp: 54-79 Degrees F (12-26 Degrees C)
  • Humidity: 70-90%
  • Drying Process: Sun Dryed on Patios
  • Type of Share: Inga
  • Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pache
  • Harvest Season: December/February