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Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Who We Are

 With five generations of coffee growers in the family, Third Wave Coffee Source has sprung from a rich tradition of coffee. Our passion for exquisite beans goes beyond meeting the discerning expectations of the third wave coffee movement. We have been refining coffee processes and searching for the best farms long before the world caught up.

Originating in Guatemala, we have now extended our base to reach the newest and best micro-lots and single estate farms across South America. Through trade links in Europe and North America, we bring roasters and coffee specialists direct to origin, exporting our own and our friends’ finest specialty coffees to delight the most cultivated palettes.



Meet our team


  • Nadine Rasch

    Nadine was born and raised in Guatemala and spent much of her childhood on her family’s coffee farm. During her studies she interned at the central purchasing lab for Starbucks in Switzerland and at a coffee futures brokerage in Miami, FL. She moved to the U.K. to study a Masters in Finance at The LSE, and worked in the field for a year but soon realized she wanted to be passionate about her work. She then joined Mercanta, where she took numerous coffee courses and cupped daily with the team. Realizing the potential in the specialty coffee market, she returned to Guatemala to work on her family’s farm and mill implementing better quality in every step of the production. In 2012 she founded Third Wave Coffee Source Ltd (PrimaVera Coffee Importers USA in 2017) in search for the best coffees from Guatemala to bring them directly to roasters around the world. As a Q Grader, she curates her coffee offering, working with over 65 small to medium size coffee producers in all eight regions of Guatemala. She has helped form two cooperatives and manages the entire supply chain for the coffees she represents. Last year, she also founded, La Central Coffee Roasters in Guatemala City out of a frustration that the best coffees were never enjoyed at their origin. Her team lightly roasts the same coffees she exports on at Probat P12 and serves Espressos out of a Strada. Leading the specialty coffee shop movement in Guatemala, La Central is also home to her quality control lab and exporting offices.